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SWA Fly.Q. Launched

Tri Nguyen

The Southwest Airlines Fly.Q. Facebook Tab Page launched on February 2, 2009.  This site was built using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery and SCSS/CSS.  Twitter bootstrap was utilized as the SCSS/CSS framework.  Web server used was NGINX.  This sweepstakes site allows users to answer weekly quiz questions and register to win reward points.

Server Migration

Tri Nguyen

Due to issues with our last hosting provider (, all Adept Code, Inc. projects have been migrated to new hosting on Digital Ocean.  Apparently was hacked, you can read more about it here.  Unfortunately for us, our VPS was on one of their servers that could not be restored from backups.  This means that all the content and data we had on was lost. These vents left your services down for almost a week  Fortunately for us, almost all the content was stored in GIT and there was a cron jbo that was dumping the MySQL daily (our PostgreSQL data was seeded and restored with a rails deployment).  

This is just another reminder to all of us to always backup your data.  Don't rely only on your hosting provider to do it for you, (even if it's an additional service you pay them for, redundancy never hurts).  Soon we'll post an article on how to dump your MySQL/PostgreSQL data to compressed files and push them to...

Conversion to RoR

Tri Nguyen has been converted from a LAMP stack to RoR.  We're now using AngularJS on the front-end with Ruby on Rails on the server side.  The web server is NGINX (with Unicorn) and the db is PostgreSQL.  LAMP was fine for a while; however, after playing with Ruby and RoR, it was time to convert.  We now also have zero-downtime deployments using Capistrano and GIT.